2D Massage Chair

KOSEI is a professional China 2D massage chair manufacturers and 2D massage chair factory, we are strong strength and complete management. Also, we have own exporting license. We mainly deal in making a series of 3D massage chair, 4D massage chair, electric shampoo chair and so on. Our factory has passed ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification, and most of our products passed rohs, ce, cb, kc certification.Our technical and industrial teams provide a pool of expertise to support you in defining our massage products.Welcome to hearing from you,all inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.

2D mechanism, as the core technology of 2D massage chairs, offers two dimension of massaging: from up to down, and left to right.

2D massage chair is a basic model of massage chair. It is popular with customers because of its low price and simple operation.

2D massage chair offers basic kneading, rolling and tapping massage techniques, airbag pressure and heating function. 

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  • Kosei® 2D Longlife Massage Chair, patented SL guide design, make the full functional massage 2D mechanism fit more closely to the body's contours, provides the user with a more thorough massage. Kosei 2D Longlife Massage Chair is most selected in the North America, best choice for ODM.

  • Kosei® heating therapy 2D massage chair, dynamic racing line design on the side, supreme integrated heat therapy 2D mechanism, providing heating move from head to toe, avoid muscle strain. Kosei heating therapy 2D massage chair is popular in the AU and the South America, providing a special choice for the market.

  • Kosei® 2D massage chair kneading function chair,miniature wing design, special kneading massage 2D mechanism, focusing on kneading massage, providing a tension-release full body massage. Kosei 2D massage chair kneading function chair is the top choice in the Middle East and the Southeast Asia.

  • Kosei® eco-friendly 2D massage chair, technological appearance, original 2D mechanism, the cost of this model keeps low due to the maturity of production line technology and supply chain integration. Kosei Eco-friendly 2D massage chair has low cost while focusing on quality control. It has a low failure rate, making them popular with distributors.

  • Kosei® zero gravity 2D massage chair, creative zero gravity design while massaging, 4 massage rollers and full body air bags provide a complete set of automatic massage program, restore Chinese massage techniques, promote blood circulation, and get rid of the day's fatigue.Kosei full body 2D massage chair enjoys a great popularity in Europe, Japan and Korea, a reliable partner for massage chairs.

  • High quality Kosei® 2D Mechanism massage chair, unique signal eye design, equipped with an ungraded 2D mechanism,using a hand-like silicone head, allow the user to experience the sensation of a real massage. Kosei 2D mechanism massage chair is developed for the Southeast Asia, widely acclaimed among distributors.

2D Massage Chair made in China on sale manufacturers, find details about good 2D Massage Chair manufacturers and supplier, Kosei. We are one of Chinese companies and brands, the factory always keep the latest selling products in stock. Our factory price is very inexpensive, but our products are of high quality and the newest design has various styles, such as advanced, durable and fashion. We accept OEM/ODM customized and factory direct sale. If you want to wholesale the bulk of cheap 2D Massage Chair, you can buy discount hot sale products with low price. We promise that products passed CE, CB, RoHS certification and have one year warranty. We have prepared price list and look forward to cooperating with you.