4D Massage Chair

KOSEI is a famous China 4D massage chair manufacturers and 4D massage chair suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of 3D massage chair, 4D massage chair and electric shampoo chair. KOSEI has manufactured high-quality, high-performance massage products with innovated functions, ergonomic design and the top-rank quality massage products, which could make your massage products business more successful.

4D massage chairs uses 3D mechanism, but it adds more functions based on 3D massage chairs, such as heating and sonic wave mode. More airbags help to wrap your whole body while massaging.

4D massage chair has a variety of functions based on customers’ own choice. It provides customers with a more accurate and comfortable massage experience on specific parts of the body.

4D massage chair is a deluxe version. Although the price is high, it is popular with customers who have higher requirements for massage.

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  • Kosei® kneading 4D massage chair from our factory, patented kneading 4D massage mechanism, focus more on kneading procedures to give full relaxation to the neck, shoulders, back, lumbar region, thighs and calves after use. Kosei kneading 4D massage chair is an high-end choice for most people in the EU and the US market.

  • Kosei® automatic 4D massage chair from our factory, equipped with simulated 4D mechanism,through the automatic full-body detection system, accurately identify the level of muscle fatigue throughout the body in order to provide users with a more targeted massage. Kosei automatic 4D massage chair is welcomed for everyone so they can relax after work.

  • China Kosei® shiatsu 4D massage chair, using a professional 4D mechanism, with an enhanced shiatsu massage head to provide a deeper muscle relaxation. Kosei shiatsu 4D massage chair is a game changer for every market, no matter for OEM or distributors.

  • China Kosei® 4D electric massage chair, Supreme Black Gold color scheme, equipped with patented 4D mechanism with heating function, providing precise care of the user's spine. Kosei 4D electric massage chair is popular selling in Mid-east and EU market.

  • China Kosei® 518H 4D massage chair with footrest, 4D mechanisms make it possible to deliver multiple Shiatsu techniques learned in Japanese Shiatsu schools. 4D is superior technique execution utilizing rhythmic vertical, width, and depth motions as comfortable as if they were real human hands. Equipped with a unique sole roller to accelerate the blood circulation of the feet, please be tired of the day

  • China Kosei® 518H SL track 4D massage chair, equipped with the real human-like 4D massage roller, the next generational is designed for outstanding range and flexibility.The unique SL guide rail fits the human body curve and provides a more precise and comfortable massage.

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