• Dial Torque Wrench
    Ensuring the construction quality by testing every screw thread and fasteners
  • Earth Ground Resistance Tester
    Ensuring the grounding quality by testing every shell and exterior
  • Programmable constant temprature and humidity chamber
    Ensuring the parts stability by testing in every different humidity and temperature
  • Rockwell hardness tester
    Ensuring the structural strength by testing every different raw material hardness
  • Transportation vibration testing machine
    Ensuring the outer packaging integrity by testing in every different road condition
  • Voltage withstand tester
    Ensuring the electricity safety by testing every electrical component insulation level
  • Microcomputer tensile testing machine
    Ensuring the material safety by testing every different levels of tension
  • Horizontal calibration unit
    Ensuring the zero gravity sense by testing every part’s level benchmark
  • Multiplex temperature tester for electric ballast
    Ensuring the safe operating temperature by testing every single components dynamic temperature
  • Wire bending test machine
    Ensuring the circuit safety by testing every wire and cable’s strength and endurance
  • Leakage current test machine
    Ensuring the user safety by testing every surface currents of chairs in extreme environments
  • Salt spray test machine
    Ensuring the Lifespan of the chair by testing every component’s corrosion resistance