Hand Massager

KOSEI is a famous China Hand massager manufacturers and Hand massager suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of 3D massage chair, 4D massage chair and electric shampoo chair. KOSEI has manufactured high-quality, high-performance massage products with innovated functions, ergonomic design and the top-rank quality massage products, which could make your massage products business more successful.

Hand massager mainly provides massage on hands and wrists.

Hand massager relieves hand and wrist soreness by kneading, heating, and air pressure massage.

Hand massager is a common product for massage product brands, gift shops, Amazon and Ebay, and can be used by people of all ages.

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  • Kosei® electric hand massager tool, helps soothe hands pain and effectively relieve carpal tunnel, trigger finger and finger. It also features six different massage modes and 6 levels of intensity. With hand held and cordless design, you can bring it to home, office and anywhere, its lightweight massager can be easily stored and transported.

  • Kosei® acupressure hand massager, top and bottom airbags rhythmically press along the fingers, hands and wrists to care all the sides of your hand. Moreover, it can provide comforting heat to warm your cold hand. 3 -in-1 function is more effective to relieve hand fatigue, stiff finger joints and pain, rough hands than traditional single air compress function.

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