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What are the functions of the massage chair?

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people have begun to pay attention to physical health. In addition to making detailed plans and efforts in fitness, diet, and rest, they are also working hard on health preservation. As a result, massage health products have received widespread attention and welcome, especially massage chair products. What is so special about the massage chair product that makes it popular?

1. It can eliminate fatigue and relax the body and mind

Nowadays, many massage chairs can imitate the massage techniques of professional massage masters, and can intelligently use different massage techniques according to different parts. Even some massage chairs can also realize the control of the massage intensity, which can massage each body well. Position, so that the user can effectively eliminate fatigue and relax the body and mind.

2. Realize different parts of massage, or relax the whole body

Massage chairs generally have a variety of massage techniques to choose from. Some massage chairs have dozens of massage procedures, and when equipped with programs that can be manually selected, there are more combinations. Therefore, the user can select a suitable massage program for the part to be massaged, either a single part massage or a full-body stretching function massage to achieve a full-body relaxing massage.

3. It can dredge the meridians and accelerate the circulation of Qi and blood

According to research, there are a large number of powerful cells in different parts of the skin that are in a dormant state, but effective massage can stimulate these cells to become active, activate their originally dormant functions, and reactivate the body. Everywhere, it dredges the meridians, and even promotes the blood circulation of the body, and can even enhance the endocrine function and improve the body's immunity.

4. It can improve sleep and improve sleep quality

Many people may suffer from insomnia or poor sleep quality due to the stress of life. Massage chairs can improve this situation by focusing on the relevant acupoints. Generally, if it is to improve sleep, it is best to have a massage before going to bed.