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  • Kosei full body 2D massage chair, sleek metallic lines design, full body 3D mechanism, with zero storage function, make the user free from installing and choosing position at home. Kosei Zero Storage 3D massage chair is space save choice in the Middle East and the Southeast Asia, suitable for everyone.

  • Kosei 3D Full Body Massage Chair, 3D push air with pulsing air compression, imitating massage techniques with pushing, drawing, compression and pressing, allows to improve lymph drainage and metabolism in the body. Effect of air massage is similar to treatment in thermal springs. Just 10 minutes of air massage in Kosei chair immerses you to a meditative state and calms down your consciousness.

  • Kosei 2D Longlife Massage Chair, patented SL guide design, make the full functional massage 2D mechanism fit more closely to the body's contours, provides the user with a more thorough massage. Kosei 2D Longlife Massage Chair is most selected in the North America, best choice for ODM.

  • Kosei percussion 3D massage chair, bimetallic logo design, original percussion 3D mechanism, with a deeply developed percussion program, provides deep pressure relief to the user's back and lumbar region. Kosei percussion 3D massage chairr is always chosen by the hotel and resorts, increase the competitiveness for them.

  • Kosei 3D massage chair with heat function, sophisticated exterior styling, supreme 3D mechanism, build-in unique heating unit, relieves stiff muscles and leads to complete relaxation. Kosei 3D massage chair with heat function is hot-selling in the cold area, especially for in winter season.

  • Kosei calf kneading 3D massage chair, metallic illuminated logo plate design, stable 3D mechanism, especially he calf kneading function, focus on the muscular stress of the user's legs. Kosei calf kneading 3D massage chair is well-known for this function, everyone loves this model.